Customer vulnerability identification and assistance

When it comes to identifying ‘vulnerable’ customers and managing debt, there’s no set criteria and instead there can be many reasons why businesses and customers may classify someone as vulnerable. Mental and physical well-being, illnesses, and personal circumstances such as unemployment can contribute to vulnerability. Therefore, we have a team of specialist experts who can identify and assist those customers that are vulnerable to get the help they need and re-engage with their creditors.

How do we identify vulnerable customers and how do we assist?

Trained Experts

Our colleagues are expertly trained to understand a customers’ individual circumstances and therefore will empathise and find a solution that the customer will be happy with to settle their debts.

Customers get free support

We signpost customers to impartial debt, mental health and well-being charities to receive additional free care and support.

Our Approach

We help businesses to understand more about their customers and know what actions can be taken next:

Is the customer vulnerable?

Do they need financial support?

Can the debt be pursued?

Can businesses do forbearance?

Throughout our processes we make sure customer records will be updated to allow our clients to decide the next course of action for the debt e.g., we may add a vulnerability marker, and this then clarifies the situation of the customers’ account.

More services within our group: ReachOut

McLaren Credit Services is part of Sigma Connected which means our clients can access other services to help their customers. ReachOut is a new and proactive initiative – part of Sigma Connected that helps businesses engage with hard to reach, vulnerable customers in debt. ReachOut helps vulnerable customers to access free support and advice that may help them better manage their debt and any other challenges they might be facing – thus raising their awareness of all the caring initiatives and support our clients offer to customers in debt. All within a 14-day strategy. This is a free service for customers. 

Find out more about ReachOut

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